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York Steak House Nostalgia

York Steak House was a chain of restaurants started by Berndt Gros and Eddie Grayson in 1966. The first York Steak House opened in Columbus, Ohio as a free standing unit with a pod of restaurants called the “Patio”. After building a few more units, York Steak House started opening in shopping malls where they found great success. In 1976 General Mills Restaurant Group (which later became Darden Restaurants) acquired York Steak House and expanded the company to almost 180 units. Though York capitalized on mall traffic into the late 70’s, by the mid 1980’s newer malls with food courts were saturating the market, leaving York and older locations with dwindling sales. Most locations were discontinued or sold off to individuals and eventually closed. Only one location still stands on West Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio which is family owned and operated. This last unit strives to maintain the same quality and atmosphere, where loyal guests continue to have that past nostalgic experience, with a fresh, present day appeal. For many of our customers, mentioning the words York Steak House invokes not just memories, but also the smell of a mouthwatering grilled sirloin.

Visit us today and savor the flavor of traditional steaks, chicken and seafood.
Give us a call at 614-272-6485 for more information about our menu offerings.

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